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Episode 94: Aquaman, Berlin Wall & restaurant pickles

Stand Up Comedian Kevin McTaggart gives his thoughts on Aquaman and rants about not knowing who built the Berlin Wall, suffering PTSD, pickles on plates at restaurants, and people can’t sing well when they wear headphones. #McTaggartAttack

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Episode 93: WWE, FSU Football and Condescending Telemarketers

Stand Up Comedian Kevin McTaggart rants about reconnecting with a friend, the WWE’s new direction, forgiving Seth Rollins, FSU Football and condescending telemarketers. #McTaggartAttack

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Episode 92: Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman & Kevin Hart

Stand Up Comedian Kevin McTaggart rants about Dwayne Johnson & Hugh Jackman’s identity crisis, Kevin Hart’s Oscar host situation, Twitter watchdogs, Avengers 4 & Door decorating contests among other topics. #McTaggartAttack

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