8/11/2021 Ron Desantis Is An Idiot!

In this week's episode, the angriest comic in Vermont, Kevin McTaggart, reacts to the following topics contributed from Facebook & Twitter:

The overused phrase "woke"!

Florida Governor Ron Desantis!

Drivers who don't understand Yield signs!

Not wanting to write a ten page paper!

Requesting a bag for one item!

That vacations end!

Unemployed people who complain about $15 dollars an hour!

"Fire Season" meaning something else now!

The Ashlie Babbitt wrongful death lawsuit!

Stealing someone's shopping cart at Target!


E-mail Kevin at mctaggartattack@gmail.com

Find Kevin on Twitter, Instagram & TikTok @mctaggartattack

Check out Kevin's website https://www.mctaggartattack.com


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