9/8/2021 Internet Explorer Still Exists?

It's What's Pissing You Off Wednesday! Where Kevin McTaggart, the angriest comic in Vermont, rants about what's pissing YOU off! Here are this week's topics:

People who ask you for recommendations for something YOU DO!

People who don't understand how the night shift works!

Work partners who take days off!

Backpacks getting stolen!

Companies encouraging the gender divide!

People who don't read instructions!

Forms that only work on specific platforms!

The "Tinder Lite" scam!



If you're pissed off about something and would like to contribute to this podcast, here are some ways you can do it:


Comment on Facebook or Twitter(@mctaggartattack) when I post "What's pissing you off today?"

Comment on the YouTube link of a podcast episode!

Click here https://mctaggartattack.com/wednesday/

Email me mctaggartattack@gmail.com

Or you can say it to my face!



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